where ideas are conceived, incubated and take flight...

Workshop & Retail

Workshop & Retail

where ideas are conceived, incubated & take flight...


Welcome to Creators Nest.

Providing creatives of the Yass Valley Region a physical space to incubate ideas, collaborate, learn new skills, establish or operate small businesses.

Boost the local economy, create a career path that aligns with their values and desires.

Creators Nest provides a place to learn new skills, trial ideas on a micro scale, learn how to take those ideas to market through online selling portals, artisan markets & retail spaces.

The supportive community of nest members is invaluable to those feeling isolated and disconnected, especially working alone.

We’ll share inspirational stories here on the blog and benefits of the nest, as well as the learnings with you.

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Child’s Perspective – son of an artisan.

Child’s Perspective – son of an artisan.

After my last post & video on Lisa’s story (current nest member) people made mention of the how sad it was to hear her say her children’s response to the question “what does your mum do?” is; “the washing”.

And that she’s really looking forward to what they’ll say in 12 months since she’s now working on realising her own dreams, creating waves of interest and curiosity amongst her family and friends.

This got me thinking about how my children have seen me over their life time, especially since I’ve mostly worked for myself. My eldest knew me as a photographer in his early years, and although he didn’t accompany me on shoots he did spend a lot of time in my studio building cities out of postal tubes while I edited photos or assembled albums.

My youngest though, had the rare opportunity of experiencing all aspects of my work, from the sourcing, making, to the photographing… travelling to trade with me at markets and festivals, surrounded by fabric, leather, feathers etc. Watching me experiment, refine and then sell.

The benefits gained pursuing my own professional identity outside of motherhood has been far greater than any discomfort caused… like the occasional 4 am start to trade at an artisan market. I truly believe it’s important for our children to see us as more than just mum.

Many women let go of their professional identity to be available for their families and loose a sense of self in the process. Returning to work after a decade or more can be overwhelming & limiting in options, especially in a rural location.

This video, portraying the perspective of a child (my youngest son) is intended to inspire women who think they should wait until their children are at school before working on their own dreams to delay no longer!

Click on the image to watch.

We’re never truly ready to start our own business, so having the support and encouragement of our family when they see just how much value everyone gets out of mum feeling a sense of purpose outside motherhood, engaging in something that brings her joy in a different way and sharing this with them is invaluable.

From an isolation point of view too, living in a rural location, for me having other adults to bounce ideas off, share a laugh with while working makes such a big difference to my overall happiness. Establishing Creators Nest became a ‘must do’ for me… with the intention of it benefiting others too!

As creatives we often work alone at home in the early stages of our business, keeping over heads down is completely understandable. But there’s a limit to how much time we can spend alone, still be productive and feel connected to the outside world. Bringing together established soloprenuers and aspiring business owners, particularly mothers who feel restricted in their opportunities, enabling them to work along side each other, learn from each other, being inspired and encouraged is the essence of what Creators Nest is about.

Where ideas are conceived, incubated and take flight…

Looking forward to seeing you soar too!

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