where ideas are conceived, incubated and take flight...

Workshop & Retail

Workshop & Retail

where ideas are conceived, incubated & take flight...


Welcome to Creators Nest.

Providing creatives of the Yass Valley Region a physical space to incubate ideas, collaborate, learn new skills, establish or operate small businesses.

Create a career path that aligns with their values and desires.

Creators Nest provides a place to learn new skills, trial ideas on a micro scale, learn how to take those ideas to market through online selling portals, artisan markets & retail spaces.

The supportive community of nest members is invaluable to those feeling isolated and disconnected, especially working alone.

We’ll share inspirational stories here on the blog and benefits of the nest, as well as the learnings with you.

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We’re moving!

We’re moving!

Can you believe Creators Nest is almost a year old!

And the by marie-nicole artisanal brand is almost TEN years old!!!

Time certainly flies when you’re living your passion.

Moving my workshop into town, to share with other creatives, opening Creators Nest, has been the most fulfilling professional venture I’ve undertaken to date.

So much energy is drawn from engaging with customers pleasantly surprised to discover quality crafted wares created right here in Yass, and creative individuals in awe of the creative co-working aspect who wish to be a part of it… then there are the mother’s who stop by to ask for advice and guidance on how they too can start their own venture with children in tow.

Moving out of this small  inception space into a space almost triple the size is so exciting.

Time to spread our wings… follow our journey while we prepare for this move, pretty exciting plans for transforming a blank canvas into a much bigger artisan workshop, retail store & creative co-working space that’ll be a must see space when in Yass!

The next phase of Creators Nest will provide even more inspiration & opportunity for both customers and future nest members alike.

Want to know where we’re going?

Play the clip to see it with your own eyes…

A special thanks to Lisa & Tim (current nest members) for being examples of how you can go from having an idea or dream locked away inside of you, that with dedication, patience and effort can be transformed into reality despite life’s obstacles… which we all have! Their contribution to running the inception space has been very much appreciated. I look forward to their ventures growing even further and sharing the results of that with you.

Also, a HUGE thanks to all our supportive customers who’re enabling us to make this move, buying through the retail store & online store of by marie-nicole, of which all sales made fund the operation of Creators Nest, having the on going shop small support is irreplaceable… without you Creators Nest wouldn’t exist.

And then there are the creative mothers who’ve sought advice and expressed how observing my personal growth & development in business with children in tow has encouraged & inspired them to pursue their own dreams… Creators Nest was always about assisting women just like you.

Looking forward to seeing you soar too!

Ps. One more very important thanks… to my family, Brendan (my husband) has always stood by my ideas and at times believed in them more than me, he’s constantly encouraging me to pursue my dreams as he sees them as not only valuable for me, but our family too… our boys have been exposed to so many enriching experiences in their little lifetime that can be directly attributed to the work that I do. While it’s not always been a smooth ride, it’s certainly been one worth taking. I really do believe that; “nothing truly worth having is easily obtained” hopefully they will too. After all they are the reason I’ve chosen to work for myself, to be available for them while maintaining a sense of self and contributing to our household income, doing that which inspires & empowers me as an individual outside of motherhood.


Watch the clip here.