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Lisa – Curious by Nature

Lisa – Curious by Nature

A Creators Nest Story.

Lisa’s been a stay a home mum for the past 10 years, with her talents tucked away waiting for a time she felt able to expand her ideas and delve into her personal passions… that time is now!

We’ve been friends for almost 7 years, met via our children at the preschool they attended and have remained close friends beyond the preschool years.

In that time I’ve encouraged Lisa to pursue her dreams as I truly believe in her potential, the first step for her breaking the mould of just being a mum was working with me in my artisanal business ‘by marie-nicole’ on a casual basis, she’d come to my studio, cut for me and share her dreams and aspirations outside motherhood along the way.

Inviting her to join me in the Creators Nest inception space was an evolutionary step, she’s more than ready to spread her wings and fly.

I feel honoured to be able provide her with a space in the public eye to that… and now it’s not just me encouraging her to take flight… customers visiting the space, fellow nesters & staff of Trader & Co. are also sharing her journey, encouraging her to soar simply by recognising her creative talents.

In just 8 weeks of Creators Nest being open Lisa’s put down on paper, the designs and ideas that’ve been locked away inside her all these years.

She’s started experimenting with natural dyes, using avocado seeds and skins, to begin with.

Is transforming the fabric she’s dyed into a beautiful selection of textiles based homewares.

She’s created buttons out of timber sourced from her own property.

And is honing her skills in hand carving timber for her complimentary timber and textiles homewares range.

Not only has she registered her business name, secured all online handles, she has a logo design underway and is prototyping her range.

Exciting things are being hatched in this space, Lisa’s story is just one of many to come… watch the video below to hear about her journey so far.

A Creators Nest Story







More stories of thriving nest members and inspirational artisans earning an income through doing what they love to come…

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