where ideas are conceived, incubated and then take flight...


Have you ever noticed a woman’s eyes sparkle when she’s engaged in something she’s passionate about? The ripple effect in community when mothers find their spark again and thrive as individuals?

I help creative women recognise thier potential beyond motherhood. Providing a space to incubate their business ideas, connect and opportunities to reignite their creativity, passion for life and feel supported.

I’ve built my business as a mother, maintained my own identity while available for my family. I can help others use these strategies.

I’m Marie-Nicole, founder of Creators Nest, a creative co-working space…  where ideas are concieved, incubated and take flight!

I’m also an artisan who made a tree change to our rural location 6 years ago with my young family.

Our surrounding’s expansive and quite breath taking, but the isolation experienced working alone was amplified by the distance between home and town. So I started trading at markets to work alongside other artisans.

The days between were still spent a lone and I soon realised the lack of contact with others, on a daily basis, was having a negative affect on me and in turn my family.

So I started taking my computer and any part of my production that was mobile into town, worked in a cafes while mingling with others.

Often crossing paths with others doing the same thing, with their computers at least.

Being approached regularly by women, who said they wished they could start their own business so they too could work flexible hours.

But they didn’t have the room at home to dedicate to a workspace… or would find it difficult to switch off from the distraction of household duties… and spend all that time alone.

I soon saw a need for a creative co-working space in our town.

This space will enable makers to work along side each other, collaborate, share the costs, build a solid foundation for their business, out grow the nest and contribute to the community with employment opportunity, as well as give travellers more to do when they visit.

Complimented by an online community reaching creatives globally providing, inspiration, support and tips for transforming their own dreams into reality, without compromising time with family or connection with others.

Looking forward to soaring alongside of you!

Marie-Nicole in Creators Nest inception space.

>>Top Image: from shoot for Etsy featured shop shoot

>>Lower Image: Creators Nest inception space – now open!

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