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Creative Co-Working

Creative Co-Working

Some pretty exciting changes taking place around here… just had to share them with you.

Lisa from Curious by Nature Designs and  Sarah of Scavenge have both been slowly moving in.


Both have been building their brands & successfully selling their work through Creators Nest.


Not only are they going to be working in here on their own creations, they’ve been working for Creators Nest. Assisting retail customers, along with the production of my products.


The beautiful thing about this, has been the collaboration, sharing of ideas, insights & knowledge… one ideas that’s been incubated is about to hatch!


An event we’re calling ‘Made to Measure’ inspired by what our customers, have been saying & the way we work… small scale producers creating in a ways that minimises waste but offers high quality unique designs.


I can see many more beautiful ideas incubated & hatched through working alongside each other, this is exactly what I envisioned for Creators Nest… professional creatives supporting each other in realising their dreams.


Collaboration over competition.


Soaring alongside each other.

Ps. Want to know more about our upcoming inaugural event ‘Made to Measure’?   Click here.


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