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Repair & Recycle

Repair & Recycle

When you buy quality crafted clothing you’re more likely to want to get several years of wear out it. I personally have been repairing some of my garments for over 10 years before giving up on them.

Buying to suit your style & lifestyle means you’re not as concerned about trends and therefore get many years of wear out of pieces that work for you.

The Woolmark Company has a great blog post & tutorial on how to repair your wool clothing here.

Also, know that if you’ve bought an item that we’ve made ourselves here at Creators Nest you can bring it back into store & we’ll happily repair it for you, because we want you to get as much wear out of your garment as possible.

But what to you do when you can’t repair them anymore?

Planet Ark’s got some great recommendations for recycling clothing here.

But beyond that, I’ve got 10 ideas for you about what can you do right in your own home with your old garments, especially those that are beyond donating or repairing:

  1. Natural Fibres can be shredded and added to your compost bin.
  2. Shredded they can also make great floor cushion or pet bed stuffing.
  3. You can make little drawstring gift bags out of them.
  4. Make them into neck/hair ties, head scarves or scrunchies.
  5. Cut large squares out of the them & use them to wrap gifts, instead of wrapping paper.
  6. Cut long strips and use them as ribbon on gifts, much like we do here in store with our selvedge.
  7. There’s a great tutorial over here on how to create twine out of fabric scraps & another on then making circular rugs using that twine over here.
  8. I came across the above tutorials while doing a search for fabric scrap macrame ideas. I think that’d be a great way to practice the craft of macrame without outlaying a lot of money for specialised twine, which you can move onto after a few tests runs with your fabric scraps.
  9. Heat packs & eye pillows are super easy to make (with natural fibre fabrics), just cut two rectangles of equal size, sew them together with right side togethers, leave a little opening to add your filling, turn them right side out & fill it with flax seeds (buy them from your local health food store), then sew up the opening. We’ve had a heat pack I made about 15 years ago out of lovely printed cotton and it’s still going strong, soothed many aches & pains, simply microwave for 3-4mins (depending on the power of your microwave). By the way, these make great gifts too!
  10. Lastly, reuse the fabric of your favourite irreparable garments to make lampshades or lanterns. Pictured below are some Turkish tea light lanterns I was gifted many years ago. I absolutely love them, they usually hang on our back verandah over our outdoor sofa, but recent strong winds ripped them to shreds so I’m planning to use the European linen from these dresses that I made 10+ years ago & repaired in recent years, but are now beyond repairing.

I’m sure there are many ways to reduce the impact of waste from fashion on our environment that we can do right in our own homes. This is only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a start and they can be fun to create with kidlets too.

So, I hope you now feel empowered to repair your garments & inspired to use the ones that are irreparable.

Ps. We’re preparing for our next Made to Measure event focusing on Autumn/Winter fibres & garments that you can enjoy on your autumn/winter adventures… find out more here.


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