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Want to prepare your wardrobe for silly season?

Want to prepare your wardrobe for silly season?

This time of year is the busiest time of the year for all of us, with end of year school activities, celebration assemblies, openings, launches, work functions, family gatherings, weekends away, guests visiting… the list goes on…

There’s one simple thing you can do to make it easier for you to just get on with doing what needs to be done & that is, work on creating an affective wardrobe.

Especially since you simply won’t have time to stand in front of your wardrobe staring at the contents for 20 mins waiting for an outfit that works to magically jump out at you.

Let alone to try on 6 different outfits before you can even leave the house.

Investing in key pieces that are your ‘go to’ in day to day life is so valuable in freeing up your time, so you can just get on with your day.

One of the styles I’m loving in my wardrobe at the moment is the Adrianna Vest.

I have it both flax & white and have enjoyed playing around with how this simple piece can work in different ways.

Worn over a slip dress for an evening event, jeans & singlet for daytime wanderings.

Left open & flowing or belted to create a tailored look.

photos by marie-nicole


Here’s an example of a key item that’s been a ‘go to’ in my wardrobe for many years now… these photos were taken back in 2013 when I started selling these linen tops at markets and through my Etsy store.

I’d been wearing this design for at least 5 years prior to that & received requests to make it for others too, which is why I started selling them.


photos by marie-nicole


This year I introduced the Lisette Dress a longer version of the Lisette Top, both of which I receive many compliments and comments on when I wear them.

On the evening of ‘Made to Measure’ I wore the dress version out of necessity more than anything else, I simply didn’t have time to get changed into the outfit I’d planned to wear.

I sold three that night… because they work!

They’re comfortable, stylish, made in linen which breaths beautifully & again can be worn in different ways for different occasions.

In an earlier post I shared my 7 tips on creating a simple But interesting wardrobe here after writing that piece I was inspired to create an event in our beautiful space, where guest could feel comfortable about discussing what clothing challenges they have  and find genuine solutions… Made to Measure.


Just because you couldn’t make it to the event, doesn’t mean you should miss out entirely.

While you may not be able to enjoy the experience of sipping Vintners Daughter Wine, eating the tantalising grazing plate put together by Thyme to Taste or cap the night off with a the delightful sweet treat in the our goodies bag by Robyn Rowe Chocolates, and be transported to a heavenly place smelling the delightful fragrance of soap made by Base Soaps, especially for this event.

You can still enjoy the service launched that evening, which is to have our designs customized to suit you & your style.

Choose from a range of fabrics & colours to make the finished garment work in your wardrobe.

Building a considered wardrobe allows you to whip up an outfit that suits your physique, style & lifestyle.

It’s my wish for you, at whatever stage, age, evolution you’re going through to feel like you can step outside in something that makes you feel fabulous & capable of simply being amazing at whatever you chose to do, rather than be caught up with what you’re not.

Here is a great example of this, Sarah’s wearing her Sunday dress with doily features which she released that evening.

I’m wearing the original version in plain black, with my Giselle Gown.

Same dress, different ages, different stages in life… and yet the dress works for both of us.

photos by marie-nicole



We want you to make considered purchases that empower you… not make rash purchases based on current trends that do nothing for you & that you never ever wear.

This isn’t constrained to just clothing you can also, select from a range of buckles, have a custom made belt made to complete your outfit.

Add to that, the beautiful selection of jewellery, scarves & accessories available in store to add the little touches that make an outfit complete… you too can enjoy the benefits Creators Nest has to offer with it’s beautiful complimentary selection of locally crafted wares.

Simply make an appointment to meet the designer instore to discuss options and adjustments.

The festive season is just around the corner, but you still have time to make the most of this service & experience in our beautiful nurturing space.


Words shared on Instagram by Amy (M2M guest):

Places we love 💕 @creatorsnestyass ▫️Last night we were treated to an evening of wine, good food, great company and gorgeous garments all handmade by @scavenge_designs & @bymarienicole▫️The purpose of this ‘Made to Measure’ special event was to try on different tops, skirts, wraps, and dresses all designed by these fabulously talented women. We were then able to make tweaks to the measurements and materials to ensure the garments fit our bodies and our unique styles.
▫️The atmosphere in #creatorsnestyass cannot really be described, except it’s my new happy place when I am child-free and have some pocket money saved away – you cannot go up those stairs and through those curtains without being deeply inspired and I think perhaps the word I want to use is comforted, by what Marie-Nicole has created. It feels like a glorious mix of coming home and walking into a great big hug 🤗
▫️Thank you for sharing your journeys with us ladies, your purpose and drive are filled with love and I think we all felt that last night 💫 I can’t wait to pick up my handmade, linen skirt in a few weeks! 🥂 💃

We received many other beautiful words of thanks & appreciation that made our hearts sing.

As professional creatives who put their heart & soul into making beautifully crafted items, we’re ever so grateful for our customers. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create for you.

Ps. Looking forward to helping you build the foundations of an effective wardrobe too.

Selection of Scavenge garments

Photos: by marie-nicole


Selection of by marie-nicole garments

Photos: by marie-nicole


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