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Why Linen?

Why Linen?

Planning the shift from photographer to artisan & designer, back in 2007, I spent a lot of time researching the fabric I’d use for my products.

It was important to me that the fabric was sustainable, but still beautiful.

Already having a love for linen for garment making & wearing, digging deeper into the production of linen, growing of the crop, variety of textures available & benefits of linen… there was no doubt in my mind, this was the fabric I needed to be working with.

Here are some facts you may not know about linen, in particular European Linen:

  • Lets start with the flax plant, it’s a renewable crop, requiring no irrigation, very little pesticides or fertilisers (five times less than required for cotton), it’s rotationally planted, so it doesn’t exhaust the soil.
  • Not only are the very best fibres use to create the fabric linen, the rest of the plant doesn’t go to waste. Linseed, oil, straw & are used to make soap, cattle feed & shive (used in insulation boards).
  • Flax seeds are delicious sprinkled on salads, boosting taste & health.
  • Linen, produced from the flax plant, is the oldest textile plant cultivated in Europe, with its earliest uses dating back to 8000BC.
  • Soil suitability, a favourable climate & a long tradition of flax growing makes the flax grown in Europe the best in the world.
  • Benefits of linen include:
    • thermo-regulating (insulating in winter, cooling & breathable in summer),
    • non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, fully bio-degradable & recyclable.
    • soft to the touch, luxuriously comfortable & extraordinarily durable (it’s the strongest of all natural fibres).
    • absorbs dampness & dries quickly.
    • lasts a considerable length of time without losing its shape or pilling & becomes softer with successive washing.
  • Linen’s available in different qualities varying from almost silk-like to sack-linen.

So how’s that for reason enough to work with this beautiful ancient fibre!

While linen’s not the easiest fabric to work with, it frays easily and can fall apart before your eyes when using it to make garments. It’s definitely worth the effort, gets softer & more beautiful with use.

The garments I design & make with linen are often simple & elegant celebrating the beauty of the fabric itself while caressing the body, creating a flowy feminine effortless silhouettes.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s been hatching in the nest this spring… made using these beautiful linens.

Perfect for layering over a simple slip dress or jeans & singlet.

Looking forward to soaring alongside you in lighter layers this spring!

Ps. Other designs will be revealed on the night of our ‘Made to Measure’ event.

PPs. Not heard about that yet, but would like to know more? Just head on over here to find out more.


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