A space for inspiration, immersion & discovery.




Creative Co-working Space.

Digital nomads traveling the Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne route,  we’ve a quiet spot to stop, edit & schedule posts.

Just need a change of scene, somewhere inspiring to work for a day?

Want to escape distractions of home?

We’ve got you covered!

These beautiful old desks, each with their own special story, are just waiting to be used by you.


Take the opportunity to read the magazines and books in these shelves while you’re here.


Retreat to a very special feature of our space, this magnificent balcony, with sofa and picturesque leafy streetscape view of our town’s main street.


Need a space to:

  • for offsite planning session, development or team building workshop
  • a creative workshop
  • focus or research group
  • training sessions
  • a photoshoot

Contact us to see how your needs could be accommodated.


Creative Co-Working, our founder’s artisanal products are created in the worksop area, however, there are days when the benches are clear and available for hire on a causal basis.

Creators Nest’s where ideas are conceived, incubated and take flight!

We look forward to soaring alongside of you…

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