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7 Tips for creating a simple but interesting wardrobe

7 Tips for creating a simple but interesting wardrobe

Ever look into your wardrobe and think; “I have nothing to wear!” Or “I just don’t know what to wear today.”

Keeping your wardrobe simple doesn’t have to mean taking the character out of it. I love clothes & accessories and really enjoy putting together outfits, often they take me off dreaming about the possibilities of an adventure in the outfit.

Making the process of getting ready in the morning is super important, in this busy time of life, between yoga, school lunches, feeding animals, watering plants over summer, protecting them from frost over winter, preparing things for the shop, I really don’t have much time in the morning to put towards compiling theatrical outfits. Over the years I’ve built a foundation that enables me to have fun with my clothes & whip up an outfit in very little time.

How you feel in what you’re wearing can affect your mood and effectiveness over the rest of the day, so laying down the right foundation is key.

If planning outfits at the beginning of the week for the entire week is too challenging, at least establishing a wardrobe that’s easy to work with can make a big difference.

  1. Select your colour palette. Choose at least the tone of colours you purchase for your collection. For me, I tend to feel most comfortable in earthy colours, while occasionally I’m drawn to something super vibrant at the time of shopping, more often than not I struggle with wearing anything high vis and opt for more muted tones.
  2. Get to know fabrics. Become aware of which fabrics feel good to you, we’re all different, react differently to certain fabrics. I struggle wearing wool & raw silk in a more humid climate, but can comfortably wear both in our dry climate. But always wear a cotton camisole under a wool long sleeve top, even fine merino. I love natural fibres, linen, cotton & silk, but there are wood fibre fabrics available that breath well. Polyester is one fabric I steer clear of, for environmental reasons as well as the fact it just doesn’t breath. In saying that, I’ve bought polyester second hand & vintage pieces open in their weave or design, allowing airflow.
  3. Know your shape & styles that make you feel really good about yourself or highlight your assets rather than accentuate areas of your physique your self conscious about. For me, an A-line cut over a pencil cut wins hands down every time, placing emphasis on my small waistline, while taking attention away from my voluptuous hipline. But when it comes to jeans I much prefer a skinny leg to a loose straight leg. While my shape’s revealed more I don’t feel as much like I have tree trunks for legs in a skinny jeans. It’s really about understanding what works for you, how it makes you feel.
  4. Trans seasonal layers can really help stretch your wardrobe out over very distinct seasons. This time of year in particular can be challenging with weather going from hot & slightly humid to overcast with bitterly cold winds very quickly. By wearing a long sleeve tee & leggings under my linen kaftan adding a wool felt hat rather than a head scarf, knee high boots instead of sandals… suddenly I’ve taken a summer item and made it work in mid-late autumn.
  5. Accessories don’t just transform an outfit, especially if you invest in versatile accessories. This takes the guess work out of; “which necklace or belt should I wear?” and turns the question into; “how should I wear this piece today as a short necklace, long necklace or a belt?” Necklaces like this Vetro E Metallo Paperclip design can be worn long, short & as a belt. As can my Tassel Necklace/Belt design, worn as a choker, long necklace with a simple knot, a belt at empire cut line or a low loose fit belt… I even thread mine through the belt loops of my jeans to add a little extra touch to my outfit.
  6. Quality over quantity… investing in pieces that last rather than filling your wardrobe with quick fixes, short term solutions takes away the frustration and disappointment when you take a garment out of the wash after only wearing it once to discover it’s skewed or shrunk… or several wares later it pills and tears easily. Buying garments made from quality fabrics and makers is an investment rather than a waste of money.
  7. Know what you’re trying to express about yourself in your wardrobe, some days I go from practical, others whimsical… but I know the basis of my wardrobe is ‘Boho Chic… Empowered & Capable’. I want to be able hitch up my skirt to climb a fence if I so desire, but I also want to feel like my wardrobe represents my individuality, everyday of life is after all an adventure. 
European Linen Kaftan in cooler months
European Linen Kaftan in warmer months
European Linen Kimono as casual day wear
European Linen Kimono as evening wear

The most important thing to wear each day is… confidence, having the foundations of your wardrobe sorted facilitates that… so you can power on, or delicately float through your day giving less thought to whether or not what you’re wearing looks any good… and get on with being amazing, making others feel good in the process, smiles are infectious, when you feel good you’re most likely smiling, making others feel good too!

Looking forward to soaring alongside of you!

Ps. Did you find this post helpful? Was there a particular tip that made a difference to you and your wardrobe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

PPs. If you’re ever in Yass be sure to stop by Creators Nest and see the beautiful range of locally crafted and Australian desinged wares that can add that extra special touch to your wardrobe.

Silver Paperclip necklace/belt by Vetro E Metallo ~ Wool Felt Hat by Will + Bear ~ Hat Embellishment & European Linen Kaftan by marie-nicole
European Linen Kimono & Tassel Necklace/Belt by marie-nicole ~ Copper Earrings by Vetro E Metallo

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