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Climate Change Action – where do we begin? 

Climate Change Action – where do we begin? 

After a very confronting start to the year, life continues to move forward. Do you find yourself asking; “what part do I play in this?”; “is there even anything I can do that’ll make a difference?” 

We all play a part & we can all make a difference. 

Over the weekend when catching up on my summer reading, an article in the current Dumbo Feather magazine ‘Our Evolutionary Moment’ really struck a cord. The title of the article is ‘Reconnects’ an interview with Joanna Macy, Writer & Facilitator. 

In this interview she refers to the writings of Jem Bendell & his four R’s :

Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration & Reconciliation. 


Followed by 4 questions relating to these four R’s:

  1. What are the values & behaviours that we are glad to have in the challenging time? What’s helpful that we already practice & cherish?
  2. What are the values & behaviours that we want to get rid of? 
  3. What are the values & behaviours we would like to restore? That we’d like to adopt either from our past or from other cultures?
  4. With whom & with what do we want to make peace? Thinking about the world we really, really want to be a part of. And that’s good because we’re going to need that kind of energy, we need enthusiasm for what’s to come.

The more I thought about these questions the more I felt hopeful, empowered & capable. 

Even though we’ve made decisions along our journey through life based on creating a life & products with respect for our earth & global community, I too felt a sense of helplessness, momentarily, as our beautiful country burned before our eyes. 

This is tragic, but it’s not over, we need to make changes to how we live in order to prevent this from continuing… which it will if we don’t starting making those changes soon.

So what changes? 

Where do we begin? 

I started with answering these four questions:

  1. RESILIENCE: Resourcefulness (noun) the ability to take an idea & make it a reality, especially with limited resources. Moving to the country to live a life more connected to our environment. Establishing a space that connects customers to makers & provides a place where newcomers to the region can feel a sense of belonging & connectedness.
  2. RELINQUISH: Buying something that’ll just do for now; being cheap doesn’t mean it’s value for money, especially if it doesn’t last long & ends up in landfill. Self-doubt; feeling like I don’t quite have what it takes, because we all do, and we just need to dig deep & recognise the unique skills & talents that only we have that contribute to the whole. 
  3. RESTORATION: Growing & making our own food became a restoration focus once we got Creators Nest up & running, which is something I’m truly grateful for. Going home after work, walking through our veggie patch with glass of wine in hand, duckling & furry friends in tow, sharing the daily experience hubby & our boys; it is so special. Embracing more of the mediterranean cultures of food & family…flavours & beautiful surroundings as a part of everyday experiences… a way of  being. On a career front, creating high quality beautiful products, made to last & to fit well.
  4. RECONCILIATION: I want to make peace with those who instilled in me that I’m not quite up to scratch. While I don’t want to name & shame people through out my life’s journey who told me I needed to be different to fit in, belong or feel worthy… I’m making peace with the fact that I am exactly who I’m meant to be & the flaws they saw have more to do with their issues. Our differences are what makes us work as a whole, we all have our part to play in the big beautiful tapestry of life.

Now it’s your turn, I’d like to encourage you to answer these questions for yourself… and even get yourself a copy of the Dumbo Feather to read the rest of the interviews & articles, in this time of questioning & seeking solutions to our collective problems. 

Knowledge is power… not in the sense of reigning over others, but in terms of being empowered to be the best version of ourselves & make decisions that have a positive affect on those around us & our environment…. both locally & globally.

After all what’s the purpose of living if we can’t enjoy the company of others in an atmosphere that uplifts us. Not just for us, but for our children & their children…

With regards to the part Creators Nest plays; it’s always been our mission to source beautiful products that serve the needs of our customers while reducing our carbon footprint & minimising waste. 

We also want you to make considered decisions so you get the most out of your purchases. 

We’re not here to ‘sell’ you lots of what you don’t need for a season, only for it to be discarded & replaced with the next new shinny thing.

We want you to acquire what you value & what serves your needs, while adding that special touch of loveliness to your life… to facilitate you in creating a life you’re passionate about living!


What is climate change & what can we do about it?

Visit the Climate Change Council  WEBSITE


Here’s an excerpt  from CLIMATE ACTION TOOLKIT:

“Reduce consumption (like clothes and appliances) and buy consumer goods, which are built to last to reduce the energy use and resources which goes into production.” 

Now that’s what we’re talking about. And then this: 

“Reduce food waste. Once in landfill, food waste breaks down and emits greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane.”

Perhaps it’s time to get a compost bin or chickens happening at home?



This is a great article on Fashion & it’s impact on the environment… and again what we can do about it.

Old Environmental Impacts by Sustain Your Style, a Berlin based not for profit organisation.

Another great website to for information on Australian Eco-Friendly businesses etc… is Ekko World

(You’ll find Creators Nest listed in their directory.)


I hope this helps you get some clarity on how we can collectively move forward on creating positive change for our environment & global community.


Stay inspired, to create and live a passionate & meaningful life!

Ps. More tips & ideas will be shared on this topic, but if there’s anything specific you’d like know about don’t hesitate to ask.

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