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COVID-19 may be the earth’s response to a disruption in its system

COVID-19 may be the earth’s response to a disruption in its system

How are you going with this social (physical) distancing experience, is it making you really stop & look at things differently?

Like the details of your home, your life, existence, the earth and how it works?

We’ve had some pretty interesting conversations this last week about how the earth is dealing with things that’ve contaminated it’s system in the same way that our body does.

I likened what the earth is doing right now to how, without thought or intellectual input, our bodies respond when something enters our digestive system that simply doesn’t help it function.

Think of what happens when you vomit. 

Picture it just for a moment… I know it’s not the nicest thought… but when you when you really think about it, vomiting happens as an automatic natural response.

Is this what’s happening on earth right now? All these natural disasters, unprecedented occurrences, are they the earth’s way of responding to what’s entered its system that’s not helping it function effectively?

There’s a big shift in how we operate in response to COVID-19, such as relocalisation, companies like one of my favourite Australian designer brands Spell & The Gypsy Collective, started out like many of our creatives, making & selling at markets and is now a very large company with operation & sales spreading across the globe… they announced recently that they’re shifting part of their operation back to their own backyard, taking back control. 

They’re relocating the distribution centre to Byron Bay, the home of the brand so they can monitor more carefully how their goods are being handled in accordance with guidelines set, to slow the spread of this virus.

As a global community we’ve become so accustomed to shifting responsibility to others others; the making, growing, tending of our basic needs have been handed over to others. In the mean time we’ve accumulated more stuff than we need, because goods are being produced & shipped around the globe en masse at a lower price point than is actually feasible, but the cost has and is being paid for in other ways.

This way of trading has disrupted & affected our local systems, production of goods for our basic needs were pushed offshore for cost saving, factories closed, people lost their livelihoods, and had to find other means of earning their living, they had to learn new skills.

What’s happening now is extreme, but I believe it’s the earth’s way of dealing with bringing balance back into its system.

Human’s are a part of this system, we do not rule the system, but we’ve been behaving like we do, expecting that the rest of the system will just adapt to accommodate the wants & desires of us humans.

Ever wondered what happened to the dinosaurs? Why they became extinct? Perhaps it’s because they were unable to work within the system in a way that was effective for maintaining balance, trampling across the earth crushing everything in their path wasn’t very considerate of other species in the system.

We humans need to connect back to the part we play in contributing to the system rather than simply taking what we think is rightfully ours. Changing our way of being from human-centric to eco-centric will enable us to move forward in a way that respects the system.

We need to limit globalisation, scale back on producing more of what we don’t need & focus on rebuilding localisation, drawing from the skills & resources available to us right here in our own back yard. Yes, it’ll cost more in terms of monetary outlay but it will cost less in terms of our environmental & social impact.

Right now with this forced physical distancing there are many without work & many spending more time alone than they care to. This is not sustainable long term, this cannot be our new normal. The world & how we do things will change once this is over we won’t be able to go back to how things were, it’s time to think about new ways.


How does all this relate to what we’re doing here at Creators Nest? And you as a member of our Creators Nest community?

I’ve always believed in maintaining traditional skills here in our own country & community, which is why Creators Nest is so important to me.

Now more than ever buying what we need for our everyday living, supporting locally made, will not only reduce our carbon footprint and the spread of this virus, it’ll support our local economy, open up the opportunity to communicate directly with makers and have goods created to suit our needs rather than purchasing what’s been made en masse and shipped across the globe to feed greed rather than need. 

In reflecting on what I’m grateful for, grappling with & new goals I’ve set for myself related to the disruption of our system and what we’ve become accustomed to, I’m using this time as an opportunity to truly reflect, take stock & reconsider. More on that next time.

As you head into the long weekend,  perhaps you too can spend some time thinking about what you’d like to do more of to create and live a passionate & meaningful life… and how with your skills & knowledge you can contribute to a better system.

“The world is not ending. It’s changing and the change is so very hard, but we will get through this.”

~ Cleo Wade

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