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This pandemic has presented us with a strange reality, one we’ve not experienced before in our life time, the fact that globally we’re all going through this together is quite special though.

My heart goes out to all those you’re suffering from loss through this experience, but for those of us who are not, are instead are being given an opportunity to really take stock on how we’ve been living.

We’re all being confronted with challenges of our own through out this time… I’ve been thinking about this in terms of taking time to recognise what I’m grateful for, what I’m grappling with & what goals I’m setting for now while we’re in it and for when we get to the other side.


Grateful For

Recognition of individual skills and how they contribute to the collective. Having so much more time on our hands, home together we’re making the most of our individual skills in contributing to the greater good of the whole family like:

  • Master 17 rebuilt our back steps & fixed our duckling nursery just in time for the hatching of an unexpected cluck of ducklings.
  • Master 12 decided to create a stone pathway up our embankment & has entertained us with dance routines he’s been practicing.
  • Hubby’s maintained a schedule for new season’s plantings in the veggie garden & has worked on the design of our landscaping to create a micro climate that’s productive, reduces the intensity of the heat during those hot summer days etc.
  • I’ve used my crafting & artisanal skills to create a home that’s nurturing, inspiring & uplifting and have designed movable hot boxes/shade houses for our veggie patch to extend the growing season over autumn/winter & save our seedlings from being scorched over summer, plus I’ve collected prunings & clippings, tried to finding ways to create useful & beautiful items out from them, I can’t wait for the arrival of a book I’ve ordered on basket making.

These are just a few ways we’re all using this time to contribute to the basic needs of our family & our collective wellbeing.

Having the opportunity to use honed skills for not only our own benefit, but the benefit of others gives us a sense of agency, not excepting that we cannot be great at ‘everything’ instead recognising, we each have individual skills that contribute to the whole.

This whole experience has made me feel even more grateful for decision we’ve made over the past 10 years that’ve provided us with a place to isolate… garden, cook, create, live simply, use traditional skills, while respecting our impact on our environment & global community… valuing how the little decisions we make everyday contribute to the bigger picture of life, both ours & others.


Grappling With

Of course there are two two sides to every coin and so there are things I’ve also been grappling with, like:

  • At home, Spending this much time together has highlighted the importance communication plays in delivering the message we want to have received rather than being misunderstood. It’s provided an opportunity to work on our skills in conversing more effectively, verbally & non-verbally, we’ve been talking a lot about tone of voice, facial expressions and body language.
  • On the business front, maintaining business (not as usual) but as much as possible, after putting in many years to build a business which is all about connection & social interaction between makers/designers and our customers along with recognising the impacts of our choices on our earth & global community… it’s been challenging having the doors closed while trying to maintain connection with those in our creative minded community. Challenging but not impossible.


Goal Setting

For during this time of reset:

  • At home, it might sound silly to some but, a collective goal we’ve set, has been to spring clean each room of the house top to toe… one room at a time, one each a weekend. Everyone’s involved, in this, it’s about going deeper than the surface level cleaning I do to maintain an orderly home… we’re talking deep thorough cleaning, picture rails, windows, curtains, behind & under furniture…. needed now more than ever, especially after dust storms & smoke filled days over summer.
  • On the business front, I’ve set the goals of not just surviving this experience but thriving through it, by embracing the opportunity to try new things to keep our customers engaged and build new skills that’ll help us grow once this time has passed… which it will.

For the other side of this:

  • At home, redefine what’s important, what inspires, what uplifts & what contributes. This has been a great opportunity for us to assess our daily choices and the impacts they’re having not just on us but our surroundings, both local & global. We are after all a part of a system.
  • On the business front, amplify the offering of quality crafted clothing using natural fibres, leathers & furs. Using sustainable, ethical & durable fabrics, creating timeless & versatile garments, giving customers the option to buy well, buy less & buy what suits them & works for their physique & lifestyle. Rather than wait to be told what’s in fashion… bring back the emphasis on fashion as a verb ‘to fashion’ learn the art of styling for individual tastes & needs.



While the doors have been closed to the store, I’ve really enjoyed pulling out my camera regularly & capturing images for our online shop feed of the beautiful works created by all our inspired makers & designers who create aesthetically beautiful products that serve a need, while respecting our earth & global community.

I’ve also really enjoyed talking to people about the materials I use, designs I create & realising that now is the perfect time to be discussing the long term benefits of buying from local makers, who create with intent not to sell to you on a whim or for a quick fix, but for building long term style, items that spark creativity & provide options for using one thing in different ways.

COVID-19 is giving us all a much needed, HALT, forcing everyone to stop, take stock of what’s truly important to us, take time to really absorb and appreciate those around us who add value to our lives.

Asses choices  made in the past that are creating our reality now. And ask ourselves, were we truly ‘living’ before all this? What could we have been more grateful for, that we over looked in a quest for better, bigger, more? What were we grappling with that we suppressed?  What goals were we setting for ourselves that did not align with our true core values?

This could can be said for our immediate loved ones, but also those who contribute to our everyday lives, add that special touch to our existence… people right here in our community, honing their individual skills that serve our needs.



So, what’s this experience brought to light for you?

What are you grateful for, grappling with & goals you’ve set? I’d love to hear about them & the why behind each.

I hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your labour, decisions you’ve made leading you to the life you’re now living… or that you’re taking the opportunity to reassess past choices, think about how you can create & live a more passionate, meaningful life, connected to the earth & global community.


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If you’re on facebook this live video by Dr Shefali was really quite profound and worth a listen too.

“What is this present moment here to teach us?

I believe it is able to teach us the most profound lessons for our humanity — if only we turn toward it to look in its mirror.”


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