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New Year – New Start

New Year – New Start

2020 has certainly started in a very different way to most new year’s, Mother Nature’s not letting important messages get swept under the carpet any more.


While New Year usually kicks off (for most) full of hope & excitement about what the year ahead could bring.


After focusing heavily on ensuring loved ones know how much they’re appreciated & valued for their input into our lives, over the festive season… then the new year shifts focus back to us, what we’d like to achieve, need to do or acquire in order to achieve our new goals etc…


This year more than ever before (in our lifetime) our collective focus has shifted to re-assessment, questioning and making decisions based on an understanding of a reality that’s probably been hovering in the back of everyone’s minds.


Climate change is real & we’ve all witnessed first hand the outcome right here in our country.


The immediate focus is now on aiding & assisting those affected by the devastating fires, humans, animals and landscapes… but what comes after that?


How do we move forward without thinking about the true impact our personal choices have had? 


As a business focused on creating with minimal environmental impact & introducing to our customers local makers & Australian designers who create with intent, produce small runs to minimise waste & consider the impact of their production on the environment.


This year these considerations will be front & centre in most people’s minds as we’ve just experienced how serious this is and how great the impact can be.


This is not a message of reprimand, but rather one of hope.


You see we’ve been researching & learning as much as we can for many years on how we personally can reduce our footprint on the environment, which is why we moved the country from the city, have chosen our careers & been doing what we can to create a micro climate on our little plot to be able to grow & raise our own food… all while building a business that brings beautifully crafted wares made sustainably, ethically and locally, to you, through Creators Nest.


We’ve been working on ideas in the background that we look forward to sharing with you over the coming year, it’s our desire to provide not only hope but simple solutions that are manageable, doable & enjoyable with the added benefit of the flow on affect.


Collectively, all of us doing our little bit on our little plot & in the choices we make, on how we invest our money will help overcome our current crisis & minimise further damage to our environment moving forward.


Last year we hosted a doll making workshop here at Creators Nest that brought attention to the impact the production of denim has on communities abroad as well as the detrimental environmental impacts.


Changing our habits is what will help restore our environment, some of these habits have developed over many years without even realising the impact they’re having… especially since we don’t see it in our own back yard, the results of these habits been accumulating over time and now we’re seeing the impacts – right here in our own back yard. 


Reducing our impact on the environment doesn’t have to be as extreme as becoming a barefoot vagabond wandering across our country with dirty hair, it’s possible to maintain a stylish comfortable lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint.


Having the tools to assist us in making more effective choices is the key. 


Going back to purchasing in a considered manner, investing in quality crafted goods that are made to last, not made for a season to then be discarded and replaced with the next ‘on trend’ item.


Rather than buying the cheapest item because you can just throw it out & replace it when it no longer serves its purpose, buying well made items that suit your needs not just in the immediate future, but for the long term.


These habits are part of what’s accumulated the negative impact over time and created the results we’re experiencing now, locally & globally.


With all this in mind, what does this mean for you as a customer of Creators Nest?


Some of what we’d like to share with you this year are practical tips on how you can reduce your ecological footprint.


As well as what we’re doing here at Creators Nest to reduce our footprint… and what we’ve learned along the way.


We will be unapologetically socially & environmentally focused this year, while it’s always been the driving force behind what do, this year we’re going to be more explicit, because we believe in sharing our learnings for the greater good of all.


Together we can affect meaningful change, for us and the future of this beautiful earth & all it’s inhabitants.


Stay inspired, to create and live a passionate & meaningful life!



Ps. If you have anything you’d like to know about, any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. We may not have the answers ourselves but we’ll refer you to places you may be able to find out. Plus, there are many people in our circle who know more than us about certain topics that we can ask on your behalf.



{shopping small supports local makers}

Many of our makers have been affected by the recent fires, markets & events cancelled, street closures, evacuations & preparing for potential evacuations have all put their work on hold.

When earning a living rely’s on the ability to move freely from market to market any disruption can have a significant impact on cash flow for makers.

This is why we’re moving forward with business as usual, we need to in order to meet living costs, as this is our livelihood & theirs… admittedly a beautiful way to earn a living, but it’s still work.

You supporting Creators Nest flows on to support other local makers.

<< = >>

My heart broke for not only those who lost their homes, but who lost their businesses in the recent fires, a lifetime of work’s not easily replaced or rebuilt.

In the same way that a lifetime of nature is not easily replaced.

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