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There’s a lot of talk out there about things hopefully returning back to normal soon… but do you really want things to go back to how they were prior to COVID-19? 

Are you looking forward to returning to the madness & chaos that became everyday life, spending hours in the car commuting to & from work, carting children around to all the extra circular activities, all the birthday parties & outings that left you with little time to enjoy your home – almost every weekend? 

Are you looking forward to flying from city to city to attend meetings, business dinners that you’ve now come to realise can be dealt with in other ways and still reach the desired outcomes without all that time spent in airport lounges, or driving the same route week in week out, along the highway to get those flights?

Are you actually looking forward to going back to working so hard to meet your clients needs that you end up neglecting to meet your own, feeling like you’ve got nothing left to give?

I’ve spoken to many customers throughout this lockdown who’ve actually found this time to be the reset they needed, an opportunity to really stop & reflect on just how out of control their life was getting, this time has given people the opportunity to rethink what moving forward from this could actually look like.

Knowing you don’t have to go back to how things were, you do have the choice to create a new kind of normal, which is really quite special.

Setting aside all these demands, has left many with more time to enjoy the home they’ve worked so hard to create, enjoy a simpler way of being while still fulfilling core obligations and it’s even left them with time to pursue their passions, like starting a little side gig.

An activity that takes you into a creative flow state where you loose track of time & find yourself sitting there with a grin on your face for no apparent reason. Time to design a new logo, set up an online store & start the scary but oh so rewarding journey of establishing your own side gig? 

Ofcourse, we all need to earn the necessary money to contribute to our household income & meet your family’s needs but have you found yourself dreaming about this current reality being your new version of normal.

Not just having time to dream, but actually having time to turn those dreams into reality?

There’s so much value in engaging in an activity that makes your heart sing, even if it doesn’t make you a multi-millionaire, the reward from this is so much greater than external validations of success, this reward takes place on the inside.

That inner peace experienced when you create something from scratch, a vision made it into something tangible, something you just love… and then you put it out there into the world for someone else to enjoy, someone who appreciates enough to spend their hard earned money on acquiring it for themselves.

There’s a flow on affect of joy passed around when items infused with love & passion make their way out into the world, rather than being harboured in a makers creative space accumulating dust. Let’s face it, you can only have & use so many items that you enjoy making, so why not put them out there for other’s to enjoy, especially for those who may not have the skills or desire to make them for themselves.

Keep in mind, that when you do something for the sheer joy of the process rather than for the result of selling it to make money, the money ends up being a bonus, a way of funding an activity that brings you so much joy… minimising the guilt that the money you spend on this activity could be used for other more practical things.

Not everything has to be about practicality, activities that spark joy in our hearts, add the magic to our existence, you shouldn’t feel guilty for engaging in that.

This lockdown period has for many been a welcome change, one that they didn’t know they needed until they had it, or one that they hoped to be able to make time for, but feared the impact it would have, especially by disappointing or letting down others… everyone being forced to stop, retreat to their homes & reconnect with what brings them joy has been one of the beautiful outcomes of this whole experience.

So what habits, or activities will you be taking away from this lockdown period, that you look forward to being a part of your new normal?


As you may know I’ve been doing what I love to earn a living for pretty much my entire adult working life.

I’ve experienced all manner of hiccups & challenges, started with little resources & funding, growing my global customer base from a rural location, enjoying many exciting & rewarding outcomes like establishing this beautiful space, Creators Nest.

And I really enjoy helping others overcome their hiccups & challenges so they too can experience exciting & rewarding outcomes.

Especially those who put their all into something, and just need a some guidance to get them over the next little hump, and reach that next level of their personal success story.

When I say ‘put their all in’, I don’t mean devoting 24/7 to their creative endeavour, I mean carving out pockets of time amongst all their life commitments to engage in this activity that utilises their skills & talents while bringing them great joy, doing what they can to turn their dreams into reality, even if that dream is just a side gig. 

The goal doesn’t have to be big to be valuable, helping people create an income stream based on their creative passion so they can fund the activity, in turn helps create happier members of our community… which benefits everyone.

On that note, is there anything you’d like help with , guidance on, or information about… let me know, how I can help?

You needn’t travel these uncharted waters alone, drawing from the knowledge & experiences of others is a valuable way to move through uncertainties when trying out new things. 

For years I’ve had a project hovering in the background, that I’m creating to benefit those wishing to turn their creative passion into an income stream, I too have been caught up with other activities that’ve prevented me from bringing this project into reality, but feel now is the time.

Which is why I’d like to hear from you about what you’d like help with, this way I can cater to those needs… because I look forward to you thriving, so we can soar alongside each other.

Ps. Leave a comment or send me a message directly, either way, let me know what you’d like to learn, understand or overcome in your pursuit to turn your creative passion into a paying side gig?

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