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Want your own artisanal business but don’t know where to begin?

Want your own artisanal business but don’t know where to begin?


There are many good reasons for starting your own business venture, even if it’s just on the side.

After our recent election, here in Australia, many are uncertain they’ll have a job once their contract expires. 

Uncertainty about job security is common in many industry’s not just government funded organisations.

Teachers and supporting staff are often employed on temporary contracts not knowing from one year to the next if they’ll have that same job. 

New mothers have a break in their career, then struggle with the idea of returning back to work full time. 

Having your own venture on the side of your job enables opportunity to boost income without feeling like you’re a slave to a job, plus the flexibility to do more of it when the need or desire arises.

Especially if it’s just one that you like, but really don’t love… dedicating more time, energy & effort to your current job isn’t always beneficial, financially.

So, how do you decide on what to do and where to begin with your side hustle? 

If you’re creative and your daytime job is not, you have more options than you probably realise.

Now more than ever you have the opportunity to sell your wares to a much larger market across globe… you can sell while you sleep!

Deciding on what to start with or focus on can be challenging at first, but not impossible. There’s no harm in starting somewhere, doing something, better that than continuing to put things off due to indecision.

Grab your journal and start brainstorming, answer the following questions:

  1. What do you do and easily loose track of time when doing it… you seem to just get into the flow. Write a list of all the possibilities.
  2. Read through the list and cross off the items that just make you tighten up, at the thought of trying to monetise it. Hopefully what you’ll have left are things that make you feel lighter & brighter that you look forward to doing more of at any opportunity. 
  3. Now think about what you need, to do this more effectively & professionally:
  • Do you need a dedicated workspace? Allowing you to leave everything out rather than have to pack it all away to have dinner or fold washing.
  • Do you need to upgrade some of your tools or equipment so you can make your product at higher more saleable quality?
  • Could it be useful to take a workshop to help refine your craft?

Now that you have an idea of what you can begin with, what’s next?

Testing your product, prototyping… it may be easy enough to make something once, but can you repeat it and consistently make it at a commercially viable level?



Using your own product as much as possible, giving it a really good test before you put it out to market is important.

On top of this though, gifting them and asking for feedback from the gift recipients is even more valuable. 

While your family may be very supportive & encouraging they may not tell you honestly how they feel about your creations. Not saying you shouldn’t ask them for feedback, but it’s a good idea to ask people outside of your inner circle of influence.

You could also pick someone in your community you admire.

Simply say something like; “Would you mind testing testing a new product I’m working on and give me some constructive feedback, I’m in the prototyping phase and would really appreciate an honest critique.” They’ll feel honoured to be asked.

The most important thing to ask & receive is honest constructive feedback. This is so valuable to your growth & development as a business owner.

You can do all this even before you establish a brand name or commit yourself to a particular product to recreate. 

Once you think you’ve got a product that’s commercially viable, you’ll want to start thinking about how you’re going to sell your product. Before we go into that though, let’s look at branding what it is and why it’s important? I’ll talk about that in my next post.

Looking forward to soaring alongside you…

Ps. Remember you’re best to start somewhere and do something, as time goes on, the more you make these products you’ll see aspects that need tweaking and that’s ok. 

Don’t let perfectionism stop you from getting yourself and your product out there.

Just start!

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