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Customers Journey

Customers Journey

Are you new to creating what you love to earn an income?

Do you wonder if there are really customers out there who’d want to buy what you create, and would like you to make more?

Then let this clip below inspire you to believe their are customers who’ll keep coming back to support your journey if they love what you do.

Especially, if the experience of acquiring items becomes a part of the enjoyment of using them.

As a maker myself, having customers like Sam, who just loves my work and the work of those selected to be represented at Creators Nest, is very much appreciated.

It’s people like Sam that I create for.

It’s so rewarding seeing someone’s eyes light up when they spot something which makes their heart sing, knowing they won’t find these items elsewhere easily, but can rely on finding them right at their doorstep… all in the one place. Often made and designed by people within their community.

Which is why I wanted to share her enthusiasm for Creators Nest and all that it has to offer.

We have a lot of lovely customers who value the creations of our makers and keep coming back to Creators Nest, but Sam’s story is a little more unique, as she recently went on adventure of a lifetime, an African Safari, and was able to buy pretty much all she needed right here in lil ‘ole Yass… more specifically at Creators Nest.

She then returned from that adventure with numerous stories of how the products added to the experience of her journey, becoming just as much a part of the story as the journey itself.

Watch it to learn:

>> How customer experience plays a big part in them coming back.

>> How knowing the story of makers translates into customers valuing their purchases even more.

>> And how being represented in a space where your story is important and passed onto shoppers is not overlooked or forgotten.

>> Plus, lots of other insights into how beautifully crafted products made with love and passion spread the joy, while supporting professional makers from our community.

So, if you’re contemplating doing what you love to earn an income, especially if your options are limited for work due to family or geographical constraints, let this give you hope that there are people out there yearning to benefit from the outcome of the effort you put into refining your craft.

The ripple affect when we do what makes our hearts sing benefits more than just ourselves… know that it’s worth the pursuit.

Once you’ve watched the clip, I’d love to hear what you got from listening to Sam’s story, be sure to leave a comment below.

Sam’s much like many of the customers we attract here at Creators Nest, a considered shopper who purchases what she values, and enjoys the process as much as the outcome. After filming this we discussed that while she comes here first when looking for something truly unique, she also has a few other go to shops in Yass, depending on who she’s buying for. I love that people are really making an effort to shop small, shop local & support makers and designers in their own community as much as possible.

If you think this will inspire someone else to follow their passion, do share it with them… the more of us out there engaging in our passion to earn an income the happier we’ll all be, including the people who invest in our work.

Looking forward to soaring alongside of you!

Ps. Stay in touch, we’ve a number of workshops in the planning that’ll introduce you to inspiring makers who’ll encourage  you to embark on your professional creative career journey.

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