A space for inspiration, immersion & discovery.



Creators Nest serves creative minded customers, who wishes to look like herself, not the masses and gift items that are truly unique, created from the hearts of our makers and designers.
We also support creative professionals wishing to build their brand working within constraints of their family.

I’m Marie-Nicole, founder of Creators Nest, artisans workshop, retail store & creative co-working space… where ideas are conceived, incubated and take flight!

Also an artisan, who made a tree change to our rural location 9 years ago with my husband (business partner) & young family.

The by marie-nicole brand has been meeting needs of customers, locally, nationally & globally for over 10 years now.

Our expansive surroundings while breathtaking amplified isolation, working alone. Trading at markets to work alongside other artisans was one solution.

Days between still spent alone, I saw a need for a creative co-working space in our town.

A space that enables makers to work along side each other, collaborate, build a solid professional foundation for their business.

And an even bigger need for a retail space that showcases talents of our region, giving creative professionals who don’t work out of here a space to direct customers to with regular trading hours, not confined to market dates.

Our retail space caters to our creative minded customers who wish to look like themselves not the masses. Giving her permission to proudly be herself, not confined by current trends.

A place where she can immerse herself in possibility.

Enjoy an array of uniquely handcrafted wares that speak of her adventurous free spirited style.

While fulfilling her nesting needs… especially important, since she enjoys having both… roots and wings!

Come soar alongside us…

You can find out more about the by marie-nicole product range here: